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We compiled a list of top Frequently Asked Questions designed to provide quick answers to what we believe are likely to be your top concerns. Most leadgen professionals face similar challenges, we understand your problems, and we have solutions.

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Lead validation and verification: email/phone validation, phone verification via text OTP, IP monitoring. 3rd party integrations, such as: TowerData, PeopleDataLabs, DataFinder, BriteVerify, xVerify, USPS, Smarty, AbuseIPDB. Automated SMS engagement.

Yes. A great example is the WSP Blogs Module, which provides fully-automated content creation powered by AI and RSS feeds. The content is unique, current-day relevant, and highly customizable. It can provide real value to your readers. Images included.

Yes, WSP is designed to simplify publishing at scale and makes managing large numbers of sites and blogs a breeze, all in a single CMS. The ability to reuse and publish the same content across multiple pages, sites makes it easy even for non developers.

Yes. You can to run A/B tests with multiple experiments running simultaneously. SPA (Single Page Application) capabilities provide exceptional performance and improved user experience. Advanced tracking and analytics help you make data-driven decisions.

WSP has multiple lines of defense: data validation/verification, phone verification using OTP, lead quarantine, rules-based pixel/post-back firing, consumer intent assessment, automated sms engagement, and algorithms using a multitude of data points.

Yes, manage all your API integrations with your buyers' CRM systems in WSP. HTTP Post, JSON, custom headers, multi-step authentications, ping/post, all available at your fingertips with highly customizable integrations. Logs and error monitoring included.
More FAQs

More FAQs

Yes, manage all your API integrations with your buyers' CRM systems in WSP. HTTP Post, JSON, custom headers, multi-step authentications, ping/post, all available at your fingertips with highly customizable integrations. Logs and error monitoring included.

Yes. TCPA and FCC compliant workflows and documentation are available right in WSP. Agreement page screenshots can be automatically captured and stored along with each lead registration. 3rd parties such as LeadId or Jornaya can also be incorporated.

Absolutely. WSP has extremely granular performance tracking capabilities with segmentation such as sources, subids, channels, campaigns, and even lead profiles. Visitors to leads conversions and lead to sales conversions are all trackable in WSP.

WSP allows you to broker 3rd party offers to your affiliates. Tracking, postbacks, pixels, reporting, affiliate management is all under your control. Your advertiser offer only communicates with the WSP system. WSP does the rest for your affiliates.

Yes. Email and SMS automation is available with highly customizable drip campaigns. A multitude of business rules can be applied to determine what lead should get what email or text, and when. Event based actions can also be triggered.

Sharing data and relevant metrics with internal team members, or with external clients and vendors has never been easier. WSP provides on-demand or scheduled reports which can be shared via keyed links, or via email notifications with multiple people.

Yes, you have access to all your data via custom reports or data extracts. If you are on the Enterprise plan, direct database access. Data includes traffic, analytics, usage, change logs, leads, logging, and much, much more.

Yes. You can run multiple, fully-fledged affiliate programs and offers concurrently on WSP. Managing offers, screening and onboarding affiliates, and growing affiliate programs is easy with WSP.

Yes. Our team provides on-demand and dedicated support. Not only we are here to help you along the way, but we can dedicate system administrators, developers, and even marketers to support your business growth on WSP.

WSP provides core metrics dashboards, custom on-demand and scheduled sql based reports, and direct database access to raw data to pull any and all information you need. Multi-database integrations are also available with external databases.

Yes, WSP is designed to efficiently manage large-scale operations. We have the internal experience and expertise to deploy, manage, and scale hosting infrastructure to meet your needs with multiple, load-balanced, auto-scaled server clusters.

Yes. Front-end developers have full access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Code and content is searchable and reusable across multiple pages, sites, and domains. GIT version control is available to view changes history.

Front-end is fully customizable. You may build any front-end site, workflow, feature, even SPA apps. You can also request back-end features for us to consider in our development plans. On-demand back-end feature development at a cost is also available.

Encryption, multi-factor authentication, SSL, firewalls, activity monitoring, ip based restrictions, on-site access controls, user based roles and permissions, to name a few.

WSP consolidates a multitude of tools in one platform. All features are included on all plans. They also get unlimited users, leads, traffic, advertisers, affiliates, blogs, etc. The one limit set is on number of sites/domains for non-enterprise plans.

Yes. GIT version control is available to view front-end code changes and certain admin changes. Change audit logs are also available in the admin panel for most resources.

Yes, we are available for training and support via email, slack, and screen-sharing. Video, user guide, and tutorial materials are also available.

Yes. Front-end applications are fully customizable on WSP. A number of pre-build back-end widgets allow you to interact with database content for high degrees of customization in your site/application.

Yes. The Enterprise plan includes a staging environment. Sandbox or development environments can be launched. Data and code sync between environments is possible. GIT version control provides visibility into changes and updates made in each environment.
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